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Khmer 7ème Art
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March 18, 1970, a sembling First Khmer Republic Or myth of a complot | USA's bombarding in sixties and seventies | Nguyen Co Thach |
1/Relation of Sihanouk with Yuon - *
2/Sihanou and Monique in the rank of Khmer rouge -
3/Khmer victims in the village Chantrea after an incursion of Vietnamese military in Mars 26 1964
4/Sihanouk war against Khmer nationlists who protested against his provietnamese politics - T
5/Pol Pot went to meet Phan Van Dong and Tchou In Lay to ask for help-
6/Chinese and Vietnamese complot -
7/Sihanouk, China and Viet signed a treaty to forme the real front of Khmer rouge -
8/Vietcongs, arrested or killed by Khmer force in Khmer territory after the treaty -
9/USA deplomatic mission fail -
10/Pol Pot totally turned to Vietnamses after an accord between China and USA - Press
Sihanouk plan
André Tong
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